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Edmonton calling!

Later, we'll be hitting the gym to erase the excesses of last night's dinner with Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault and, ahem, this morning's hearty breakfast. Aye, there may have been fried chicken, waffles and wine... and bacon, egg and sausage. In that order. We really couldn't say...

Tonight we'll be at The Edmonton Fall Home Show (Expo Centre) at 7pm. So come on by, you Edmontonian beauties! If you can't make it, join us tomorrow (same venue) at 1pm for 'An Hour With C&J'. We promise to SPLIT the decorating atom, and NOT (as happened last time we did a PA in this city) our pants. That's another story altogether... and a dreadful way for an otherwise perfectly good pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans to have met their demise...

Tidings, C et J x


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