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Chair Affair - a Furniture Bank Initiative

You know, the ability to live in a home (where we feel safe and secure, let alone comfortable) should be the preserve of every good person. This observed, a worrying number of people have neither a home, nor furniture with which to fill it.

But there is hope. Furniture Bank work tirelessly to help those in need find some of the things they require: sofas, chairs, beds, tables and electrical goods being just a few of the items they gather and then distribute. But, more than that, Furniture Bank help restore pride...

We've been working on an utterly humbling project with the team at FB who'll be revealing the fruits of our labours at their Chair Affair event in Toronto. We couldn't be prouder. They couldn't work harder. And those who benefit from their endeavours couldn't be more grateful...

We hope you'll attend...

Thank you, Colin and Justin xx

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