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Evas Initiatives Home For Life

It was an utter sell out! SOOOOOOOO many generous spirits donated, bought tickets, organised and managed a wildly successful evening. Those behind this charity are utterly dedicated and it was indeed our honour to host, for the second consecutive year. 

When we saw one of the organisers in tears due to the evening's reminded us just how lucky we (and you) are to enjoy the basic essentials we take for granted. NO ONE (especially kids and youth) should be homeless. No one should be scared. NO ONE. 

ANYWAY - last year a total of $197K was raised. This year the target was set at $210K. But this just in - a record breaking $232,000 was the final figure raised. The organisers are thrilled and we are blown away. We know that, given a legitimate and heartfelt cause, folk will dig deep. But this result is extra special. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The glory goes to everyone at Eva's. They worked selflessly and endlessly to pull this evening together. And because of their efforts, young people will be somehow safer. Bit by bit... little by little... good deed by good deed... donation by donation....

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