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Hello design junkies! We've been getting awesome feedback from you since we started posting loads of our before and after projects. Thank you! This interface and ongoing dialogue are amongst the main reasons we enjoy Facebook and twitter. Anyway - with the best part of a thousand rooms corrected thus far (across fifteen years of TV shows, both sides of the pond, and a plethora of private client transformations) it's almost impossible to get them all out across social media. BUT! If you want VOLUME from the C&J studio... you can find our work on Pinterest - search and plug in to our FREE back catalogue of inspiration. We've also put together a page of work by other people we admire - their work and ours is accurately labelled so you always know when you're looking at at true Colin and Justin room. So there you have it - we created the Pinterest page for YOU so go on; indulge! We'll be downloading several hundred more C&J projects soon so keep checking back for all the inspiration you need! A beautiful home is only a click away. Please and thank you, Colin and Justin xx

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