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For Felix

Felix, we love you, you know we always have,
From the very day you chose us, as delighted Dad and Dad,
Of all the cats in the world that could have wandered in that day,
It was you, dear boy, who found us - and changed our lives this way.

Like a glossy black torpedo, you wander through the house,
With an air of ‘il supremo’ to capture every mouse,
But you never do them damage, you never even try,
You just chase to get them running then pad away… och aye!

You touch our souls in everything, through every little turn,
You fill our hearts with panic when you wander… then return
Across the roofs of Glasgow, silhouetted on the sky,
What did we do to deserve you, tell us why, oh why, oh why?

You’re EVERYTHING, old timer - a jet black ray of light,
A cushion from our troubles through morning, noon and night,
But mostly you’re just our best friend, who never seems to care,
If we’re travelling in Scotland, in England, or anywhere.

 Yup, you don’t mind where you are, you always hitch a ride,
And we don’t mind where we are, when you are by our side,
Each others safe companions, from the greater world at large,
To care for one another - the three of us, in charge.

Aye, you travel with us constantly, it never gets you down,
In the car back home to Glasgow then down to London town,
In both our homes you rule the roost, our lives are yours, it’s true,
But we wouldn’t change one whisker or one single hair of you.

For nineteen years you’ve been here, in everything we’ve done,
Your presence ever giving, a constant source of fun,
That’s why we’ve grabbed this chance you see, to settle up the score,
To tell you we adore you, and that we will for ever more.

Our constant friend, companion - you fill our lives with joy,
You take away our stresses, remarkable little boy,
We oft’ wish you could talk to us, to tell us how you feel,
But e’en without our language we know your love is real.

So praise you, kind old gentleman - we thank you with our heart,
The worlds most feted kitty, today and from the start,
You’ve done it all, you’ve given more than you could ever know,
From here unto eternity, together we will go.



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