Shelf Life

Outdoor space is SO important but this wee nook was being almost totally overlooked. Might as well not have existed, if you ask us...

Removing the heavy blue curtain was a simple starting point. For summer living in a room that isn't overlooked it was a no brainer to dispatch the drapery. We raided a big box store for a simple bistro set in mid tone blue and accessorised in sunny yellow. Perhaps one of our simplest ever transformatiosn but SO worth doing. Pass us the sunscreen, we're off out for breakfast!

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Porch Convertible

This porch had all the allure of a crappy garage sale. The kind of sale where you wouldn't want to spend more than a dollar on any single item. Imagine this was your 'first impression'? if we visited we'd run away screaming...

We called the local dumpster and loaded most of what we found into its cavernous jaws. Anything we could save was given to Habitat For Humanity but, to be perfectly honest, there wasn't much that they wanted. As simple remedy to the gruesome scene we repainted the stoop (walls and floor) then added a simple banquette as adequate seating. Dressed with cushions it's a tempting wee stop off point before going inoors. Rag rugs and carefull accessorising bring the space alive without breaking the bank. Finally, adding a modern outdoors stove allows the area to be serviceable even when the mercury dips. Just make sure you don't leave stoves like this unattended. With careful suupervision they're a great addition but remember to play safe.

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Stairway to Heaven

This grim wee space was a major kitchen sink drama. Unwelcoming to the max, we wanted to run screaming from the dowdy scene but our lovely clients were so sweet that we agree to take on the project as part of a bigger (entire home) renovation.

Installing a new stair case doesnt have to be as big a job as you might think. Speak to your contractor, bribe him (or her) with beer and you're half way there. We used as much glass as possible to create the illusion of better proportions - sometimes our work is all about the art of caprice and decorative trickery! Adopting a cool grey palette provided simple contrast to the new sunny yellow kitchen that lies beyond. It was little wonder that our peeps cried tears of joy when they walked back into the space, post reno. Another decorative wrong utterly righted!!! Bless!

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Super Sunshine Hallway

Shiny tiled floor like something from the local minicipal swimming poo? Tick. A grim, depressing colour scheme? Tick. Aye, this hallway was a non starter. Indeed it was was so bland, pre reno', that it made us lose our own colour...

Let the sunshine in! We split the wall areas with crisp painted white panelling and a bright zingy yellow tone. A high end wooden floor in a rich honey tone balances the yellow while new lighting sets the scene. Could this mini miracle have been any easier? We rest our case, m'Laud.

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