Kitchen before and after - French Fancy

Oops! Our client kitchen, pre reno; more like a yard sale after a storm than somewhere to cook dinner. In it's favour, however, were sound cabinets and great overall space. Yup, we had a plan. And a cunning, cash conscious one at that!

Well strike us down with a colour chart, look at the bitch now! TOTALLY reworked and dispaying more than a touch of French fancy, we reworked cupboards with carefully applied paint and we added a tin ceiling. Add to our recipe a sea of soft grey marble, Karndean flooring and inbuilt appliances and our grand masterplan came alive. Who says you have to start from scratch every time? Certainly not us!

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Kitchen before and after - Fresh Floral

Oh dear. Oh DOUBLE dear! Aye, this grizzly wee kitchen was no doubt been the scene for years of food prep', but boy did it bear the scars. Nothing could be saved and we really had to start from scratch...

Bright, fresh and inviting; one day all kitchens will look as stylish as this one. Okay, not literally like this but one day they'll all look similarly loved. When, that is, we finally tackle every fuddy duddy food prep' zone that exists. Our clients hoped for a Portugese feel so we specified new crisp white cabinetry and then detailed everything in soft shades of blue. TIP - keep as many of your appliances and services in the same location to avoid the expensive costs of relocation. Hard to believe this is the same room, huh? Boy, did we ever say how much we LOVE our job? Making ordinary rooms EXTRAordinary. Yup, real homes for real people - that's what we're all about. Go to the top of the class!

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Kitchen before and after - Purple Reign

Catastrophe. To the power of ten. Hard to believe that this was actually someone's home. And a perfectly lovely fellow, Frank, at that. His fierce disorder had grown to such a point that it was utterly out of control. As far as he was concerned it was beyond salvation. But come on; you know us. We can fix ANYTHING. From chicken poo to delicious chicken pie (metaphorically speaking, anyway) in just one short weekend.

Kitchen recipe. Take some dark, Karndean flooring and add pure white walls. Season with white cabinetry, a purple and white painted piano key backsplash and add a barbers chair for extra flavour. Position modern dining furniture, stand back and enjoy. Frank couldn't believe that lurking beneath his food prep' drudgery was a fesh and invigorating new look. Another happy client!

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Kitchen before and after - flatpack fabulousness

Yeah, we KNOW this kitchen, pre reno', looked like the food prep zone in a caravan. And a very sketchy caravan at that. But it was spacious enough, and our client was every bit as keen as we were to ring the changes...

Ah, that's better. Blond timber cabinetry and steel splash backs make this a kitchen with a lovely sink... but no drama. Touches of orange via accessories and subtle detailing add warmth and personality. Removing one wall (with planning consent, darlings... DON'T go weilding that hammer before assessing load bearing structure) made the room flow better while modernising everything into the bargain. And our destination of choice for everything required to complete the simple transformation? The big blue and yellow shed: Ikea. Enjoy!

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Kitchen before and after - New wood for old

Meanwhile... that Hobbit - esque door. Pulease. If kitchens are indeed the heart of the home, then this one had surely flatlined. Hard to believe that the boys who inhabit this decorating carnage are in fact a bright young pair with stylish aspirations. Maybe they simply fell of the style bus as it pulled into the station? Who knows... but their dowdy food prep zone certainly needed less kitchen sink drama...

Ah, that's better. Believe it or not this kitchen comes from Ikea. The trick, however, with flat pack, is to dress it simply and install it in a stylish environment. We love the timber veneered cabinetry and the cool steel detailing of our appliance specification. A ceramic tiled floor completes our vision. Just another shocking room... pulled back from the brink!

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Kitchen before and after - Espresso kitchen in an instant!

Okay, so our clients said they rather liked their country kitchen... But our question was simple; which country was this kitchen meant to typify? And so it came to pass that, over espresso's and pastries, we conspired a plan. An espresso themed replacement with enough caffeine jolt to waken the design dead.

Leaving appliances in the same position meant less trades people to employ and therefore lots of cash saved. We specified Shaker style doors in an espresso finish but added outsize D handles to provide modernity. Karndean limestone effect tiles were our simple solution for the floor while a double height breakfast bar and counter top established further interest. OMG - we LOVE our job. The look on our clients faces when they see results for the first time is utterly priceless. So come on; we challenge YOU! Bring on those dull as dishwater rooms. We have a million and one schemes up our designer sleeves!

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Kitchen before and after - In the Pink

Oh dear. We LOVE cottage style, but this desperate wee kitchen SO needed new direction...

Blimey! Something to make a certain panther green. We specified marshmallow pink cabinetry and steel splashbacks to enliven the previously lacklustre room. Adding French doors onto a patio created a wonderful open concept space where our clients can enjoy their lives to the max.

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Kitchen before and after - Chocolate and Teal Kitchen Theatre

Blimey – what can we say apart from Noooooooooooo! Stuck in the eighties, this room was a serious style sinner. But we knew, with a little twist of C and J magic, that it could become a total style winner. Time to park a dumpster outside the back door and wield the axe…

Our designs are always ‘client specific’ and so, with an instruction for ‘high drama’ from our feisty paymasters, we set to work satisfying their brief. We added delicious chocolate coloured walls, cream cabinets, a fitted fridge freezer and a separate work island before detailing our scheme with teal blue. And hey; what a difference a day makes!

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Kitchen before and after - French Country Grey

The subject of years of design neglect, this room had become seriously run down. Our brief was to create a cool, beach inspired kitchen with warm, friendly overtones. And we were happy to oblige…

Hand painted units, new flooring, wall shelves and useful hooks all conspire to elicit a lovely relaxed feel. An effortless space which now whispers low key charm.

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Kitchen before and after - Tiffany Epiphany

Hells bells, was this kitchen plain! With no style factor whatsoever, we immediately gave it a resounding thumbs down. Looking more like a vet’s surgery than a slick food prep zone, it needed urgent attention. But of course we had a plan…

A Tiffany epiphany! We custom sprayed doors in coolest blue and added grey marble counters and a beautiful matching floor. Note how we dropped one area of work surface to act as a casual dining spot. When space is limited elsewhere it pays to be creative. Steel appliances keep the look sharp without making the room feel overly cutting edge.

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Kitchen before and after - The Appeal of Steel

Oh dear. This kitchen was falling apart. The bright yellow walls and rickety cupboards positively screamed bad taste and neglect. Hoorah - time to wield the demolition ball…

We specified steel grey units, black stone surfaces and integrated appliances to completely modernise this previously lack lustre little world. Now thoroughly befitting of our stylish clients, this chef’s kitchen is hardly recognisable from its former incarnation.

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