Bedroom before and after - Blue Floral

Now. Where shall we start? Shall we mention the dust? The clutter? The overwhelming sense of days gone by? Perhaps we'll be kind and suggest only that NOTHING could be saved. Not a single blinkin' thing! Sometimes... we have to be BRUTAL! We call it tough designer love. Ditch it! Ditch it! Call the cops! Get us a dumpster! We feel a miracle coming on...

There's something about Damask paper that gets us going every time, and hot below the designer collar. And so it came to pass that, with a little love and attention, this bedroom hell was lovingly transofrmed into a little piece of blisteringly beautiful bedroom heaven. Okay, so self praise is a little, well, ungainly, but what the hell; we're SO proud of this transformation. From a design perspetive, when using blue and white, remember to add in an extra colour layer to warm things up. Shots of gold were our modus operandi and we feel the results speak for themselves. Enjoy. And, eh, sweet dreams!

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Bedroom before and after - Lavender Lovely

Crisis point! This bedroom was everything that a bedroom SHOULDN'T be. Cluttered and messy it SO needed a decorative shot in the arm. Imagine trying to sleep in here, pre reno? Migraine, anyone?

This WASN'T an expensive project. We stripped the room bare and then re dressed it in a cool combo of lilac, mauve and purple. The padded headboard was custom made and we designed it to make a real statement. Painting either side of this padded lovely in complimentary tones ensured a slick, tailored look while dressing the bed in crisp new linens sealed the stylish new deal. Aye, here we go again - redesigning thw worlds most unstylish homes... one needy room at a time!

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Bedroom Before and After - Branching Out

Blimey - where shoudl we start? Was there one single redeeming feature in this lack lustre little space? Eh, no. Not one. But we saw potential, imagining as we did, a singularly colourful space. A space imbued with fun and fancy...

Against a backdrop of baby blue we imprinted a whole new look. The tree bed, designed by us, was created by a clever Canadian artisan and fashioned, with love, from iron. We nearly wept when it arrived on set. Tears of joy gave way to high euphoria as we positioned it proudly in the newly reversioned bedroom. Detailed with red accents the space now has effortless 'pop'. Our clients promised never to sin again. As far as design is concerned, anyway...

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Bedroom before and after - modern metallics

Repaint, sinners! Mr and Mr Beige (an otherwise lovely Toronto couple) called this grim wee space their bedroom. Lost in a sea of brown, they were almost drowning in the muddy scene. We wept as we scanned the carnage, but a seed of potential was crying out our names. A neat shot of whisky steadied our nerves but, even whilst fortified by the amber liquid, we remained in abject shock. Created some twenty years past, this cardinal sin needed a shot in the designer butt to make it oh so gorgeous. Fortunately our clients prayers were soon to be answered...

Toe tinglingly comfy luxe pile carpet was a great starting point and its grey tones immediately pulled the space in a fresh direction. We specified metallic wallpaper to bouce light and we dressed our vision with steel detailed furniture, mirrored night stands, ebony Venetians and a wave of charcoal voiles. The result? A perfect altar of high design for our grateful boys. Boys who fell to their knees and prayed thanks when we showed them the results. AMEN!!

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Bedroom before and after - Mirror, Mirror...

Yup, it's all very lovely if you're a crazy person. We never cease to be amazed by how boring the average bedroom can be. In its favour, however, this room had bags of space. Just a pity it didn't have bags of style. But never worry - Captain's Colin and Justin to the rescue...

Investing in a good quality timber floor was an immediate style reviver. Creating a mirrored base for a new double bed was our next move. And opting for a predominantly creamy dreamy scheme sealed the winning deal. So... altogether a rather lovely new bedroom, n'est pas? All in a day's work!

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Bedroom before and after - fabulously floral

If ever a bedroom needed a spot of Viagra to sexy things up... this was the one! Positively limp, this lacklustre little space had all the allure of a garage sale. But we saw opportunity!

Looks like a brightly decorated room, huh? Well look again. We actually created a simple white box then added texture with ribbed natural flooring. The colour, in fact, comes form auspicious furniture selection and from jaunty accessories. Cue an outsized floral headboard, a simple Roman blind and our sweet little ottoman. Hard to believe it is the same room, but boy; it was SO worth all the effort. So go on - have fun lightening up! So liberating and SO soul satisfying! Yup, another room pulled back from the brink...

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Bedroom before and after - Blue and white striped boudoir

Move over Joan Collins! It's time for another facelift. Yup, this 1980s black and brass boudoir is more BADoir if you ask us. We like to think we can fix ANYTHING. No matter how bad...

Our blue and white striped wallpaper is actually a paint effect. Masking tape and patience are SO a good look. Tip - use low tack tape and press edges down with a thumbnail to avoid paint 'bleed'. We added reproduction antique French furniture and lashings of blue upholstery. And, as an alternative to regular bedside lamps, we hung chandeliers from above. A great wee space saver if ever there was!

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Bedroom before and after - Modern Country Four Poster Bedroom

Sometimes we’ll reuse aspects of the room we’re transforming, but on other occasions – such as this – we prefer to rip everything out and start again. Time to call in the dumpster - there is work to be done!

We elected to paper this large bedroom with a country inspired green scrolled design. Adding a large four poster bed made a dramatic statement, but painting it in a fresh fresh blue tone took our scheme to a whole new level. Note how we painted the ceiling in the same blue. We're all about surprises and this unexpected touch adds a fun, jaunty edge. The devil, as we often say, is in the detail and ours comes from carefully layering our project with mirrored cube night stands and an assortment of country inspired accessories.

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Bedroom before and after - Nova Scotia - New Scottish Style

In a word? Dull. Enough said. Time to move on…

Maybe it’s the Scottish in us… but we simply can’t resist a bit of tartan. And being that the lady of this house – a lovely Glasgow girl – felt the same, we set to work. Hanging Graham & Brown grey plaid paper softened the scene, while a white linen upholstered headboard and loose covered night stands pulled the project together. As useful bedroom storage we specified a white drawer set and we clustered mirrors above to create impact The result? Scotland. Updated. Enjoy!

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Bedroom before and after - Illusions of Grandeur

No. No. No. This looked less like a bedroom and more like a maximum security twilight home. Time to shake off the shackles and wake to a whole new life…

We part panelled the walls and painted the areas above in slick Chanel grey. This done, we added a traditional bed stead and circular night stands to point the space in a whole new direction. As an unexpected design twist we positioned classic chrome tubed black leather Wassily Chairs. A perfect combo of old and new and a perfectly charming end result.

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Bedroom before and after - Back to Black

Hmm. Look at all that wood. That’s NAUGHTY pine, though, as opposed to KNOTTY pine. And it had to change. We didn’t, however, break the bank to bring this room alive…

Black patterned wallpaper on one key zone limited spend, while cream walls elsewhere kept the overall feel restrained. For added drama we installed black painted cornice and treated the existing furniture to a few coats of ebony eggshell. Finally, new mirrored table tops, gold tassels and a gorgeous new armoire were the finishing touches that breathed new life into this lovely new space.

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