Bathroom before and after - Banish the beige!

All beige and gold in that two star B&B? Yup, this wash and go zone was dull to the power of one million. For the love of God - living in a room like this would drive us crazy! Thank God, then, we'd had a touch of The Moulin Rouge lurking up our raglan sleeves...

"Mocha, chocca, latte, yeah yeah, shake your Lady Marmalade..." With cues from our clients that they loved all things dramatic (are we talking about the same people here? What about our before shot?) we set to work. Cue raspberry mini mosaic, toffee coloured marble and acres of gorgeous Karndean flooring. Where there's a will there's a stylish way, darlings! Our final dramatic flourish was a cascading avalanche of deep red string curtaining, flamboyantly dressed in front of a transparent shower curtain. Practicality and beauty in one glossy package. Pass us the soap - we feel a hedonistic lather coming on!

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Bathroom before and after - a chic family friendly space

This overpowering, late 70's bathroom was gloomy and, as for that wallpaper? Style down the drain... Time for a decorative shot in the arm...

Adding panelling to one third height and painting the walls above in Chanel Pour Monsieur packaging grey immediately lifted the space into a whole new bathing dimension. To ensure that our new look remained thoroughly elegant we added a slipper bath and a grey marble detailed shower area. Awash with success? We'll let you guys be the judge of that...

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Bathroom before and after - Dated basement into spa style bathroom

This spare room in the basement was an utter waste of real estate. Our clients didn't use it so it just sat there like an advert for a garage sale. They were short, however, of a good family bathroom. So we put our thinking caps on...

Take one junk room, knock it into the powder room next door and fashion an elegant spa bathroom from both. We specified lashings of masculine grey tiling and gave the wow factor to a standard bath by containing it within a box feature. Loads of shelving, a gorgeous sink and a zillion and one fluffy towels later we were there. Why go out... when you can stay in a space like this? x

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Bathroom before and after - Grey Marble Spa Style

Cramped conditions and poor attention to design made this perilous bathroom hard work for the family who used it. And boy – was it ever GLOOMY!

Knocking into a large cupboard next door allowed us to open the space, while soft grey marble, loads of pocket wall storage and a mosaic floor ‘mat’ brought immediate new energy to our scheme.

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Bathroom before and after - Victorian Country Style

A small toilet and a tiny bathroom (bizarrely sited side by side) made NO sense whatsoever. Time to flush out the old…

We installed tongue and groove panels from Wickes to elicit a low key Victorian vibe then painted walls above in cool mid tone blue. With the addition of mirrored furniture, a black and white chequered floor and a roll top bath our project came gradually to life. This is a simple look to achieve and one that won’t break the bank.

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Bathroom before and after - Limestone and Wenge Hotel Chic

As far as we could see it, the sun had long since set on this moon and star themed decorating disaster. Time, we agreed, for a whole new constellation of design!

Ah, bliss! Limestone walls, an open vanity unit and a large ornate mirror completely update our neutral project. And these days, with quality stone finishes available even in DIY stores, there’s no need to suffer in design silence.

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Bathroom before and after - Toffee Italian Marble Timeless Bathroom

Would anyone REALLY enjoy this dated scene? Nope - thought not. Time, say we, to de shag and lose that perilous mustard carpet…

A toffee coloured Italian marble extravaganza. Gorgeous! Clever use of mirror and loads of glass (not to mention a special waterproof TV and lashings of shelving) bring this room bang up to date and befitting of our elegant client.

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