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Toronto calling!

It's hard to believe we've been back in Toronto for three whole days already!  Blimey - time moves wuickly.  Our break in The Dominican Republic was wonderful but all too quickly the joyous seven day stretch drew to its rapid colclusion.  But hey ho; that's what happens with holidays, eh?

Been home now for 72 hours and in the meantime we're overseeeing the re shaping of both our bathrooms, 39 floors up, in the Toronto sky.  We've been working on their redesign for some time now and finally - FINALLY! - they are well underway.  We've brought Cheryl Torrenueva onboard to project manage the operation for us and she has employed a brilliant contractor called Matt who you may know from HGTV's 'Marriage Under Construction'.  He's SO on the ball and it looks like we'll be finished in two weeks or so!  It's a huge undertaking and we've specified grey CIOT marble for one of the rooms and black and white Caesarstone for the other.  When they're finished you'll see them at via The Toronto Star.  Hope you like them!

Last night we went to Il Fornello on Queens Qauy for dinner with Gale and Tina and the food was absolutely lush.  We've lived just around the corner from the cute lake side resto for years but have only recently learned of its wonder.  Having had such a good meal last night we're going back again on Sunday with Cherri and David.  We'd defo' recommend it to anyone who likes good, no fuss Italian fare.  And it's all very well proiced too!

Had lunch today in Cafe Doria at Summerhill with Cherri who was looking FABULOUS! Great food in there too and after we were sated we took a wander along the Summerhill design shopping strip.  Some of our favourite home stores are up there...

Tonight we're having a night in.  We've got an episode of X Factor US to watch so we're happy boys.  Super lovin' this series and the talent is really impressive.  Hopefully you guys ae enjoying the programmes too! Simon Cowell is a joy!

Tomorrow is D Day for our Intanza project.  The company have developed a moicro short needle of about 1.5 mm's which means the pain of flu immunisation is taken away.  If any of you are reading this and find yourselves near The Design Exchange in Toronto then come join the party tomorrow!  Cheryl Torrenueva from Home Heist has created a luxuriuous lounge with sparkly silver highlights and the environment should help allay any worries that anyone may have about getting a shot!  First 100 attendees get a FREE $30 shot!

In the meantime, we hope all our lovely peeps on here are well.  Keep in touch via our forums and we'll report more soon!

Hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty,


C and J xx


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