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Day Five, Dominican Republic!

As we write this blog we're sitting on our terrace after a long and wonderful eight hour sleep.  The view across The Atlantic is mesmerising; the water is stunningly turquoise and there are little fishing boats everywhere. It's SO relaxing and the pace of life here is just beautiful.  We REALLY feel that we're finally last re charging our batteries after a particularly hectic period in Canada. 

So what have we been doing?  Well, last night the hotel laid on a wonderful AVATAR themed show and, while it was perhaps one of the most unlikely pieces of holiday entertainment we've ever witnessed, it was great fun nevertheless.  A spectacle of music and dance themed around the epic movie it kept everyone completely entertained!

For the most part, though, we've jam packed our days, doing as little as possible.  An average day consists of getting up at around 8.30am and heading down for breakfast in the hotel's large, well equipped dining room, a dining room that boasts really friendly staff and a great selection of food.  We've never really been keen on buffets and often refer to them as 'bumper cars with trays' (with people josstling for that last piece of chicken) but in the breakfast context, the buffet seems to work.  It actually has to be said that the food in this hotel is REALLY good... buffet or otherwise.  So NO grumbles from us!

After breakfast, typically, we'll head either to the beach or the pool; today we're hitting the beach as the extra breeze down there makes the seering heat that little bit easier to cope with.  It's been up around 36/38 degrees most days although the mercury's ascent seems to be a little slower today; weather reports suggest a peak of 29 degrees.  But no worries; the lower temp's will do us good.  And besides; we're in the water most of the time so who cares?

It's been a crazy week for incoming work offers that we've not been able to accept; only this morning we were offered a really interesting week long Canadian TV gig on a cruise ship leaving Florida.  Sadly it overlaps with pre booked work in London, UK (we're tying up with an amenity provider to explain how to make the home safer and more energy efficient) so we've had to decline the wonderful opportunity.  And we were also just offered an STV travel job to Taiwan for a week but again that overlaps with another UK project.  Guess that's the luck of the draw - we enjoy a varied work load so we know there'll be other fun stuff in the pipeline.  So no worries...

For the most part, over the last while, we've been avoiding anything work related although tonight we have to frame up some newspaper columns so we can stay ahead of the game.  So, before dinner, we'll block out some time to lay the groundwork for our various press commitments and we'll write everything up when we get back to Toronto on Sunday.

On a last note (for now) we'd recommend the Dominican Republic to anyone who likes their holidays to have an extra relaxing edge.  Humidity (while it's very warm) is not sticky and there are no Mozzies to be seen anywhere.  Thats means none of that horrible buzzing in the wee smal hours!  Yay!  That's a real bug bear of ours!

The loveliest thing about Dom' Rep', however, is the people.  Their attitude is friendly and warm and they really are amongst the most genial we've ever met.  They believe in their country and they all seem to want guests to leave having had the best possible time.  Their warm hospitality doesnt seem forced at all and we reckon, as seasoned travellers, that you can tell the difference between someone who's simply going through the motions....

Trust this finds you all well, hale and hearty!

More from us soon,


Colin and Justin xx



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