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Fact of the matter is that we always enjoy TIFF; only difference is that this year we've been helping to co host the red carpets for City TV and it's been unbelievably crazy!

We've interviewed George Clooney, Megan Fox, Ethan Hawke, Ryan Gosling, Kiera Knightly, Jennifer Garner, Viggo Mortisen, Antonio Banderas, Chase Crawford and, God damn it, even MADONNA!  Got to say, too, that all the bull**t about Madonna being a witch is SO untrue.  She was utterly lovely with us and all the other reporters.  Yup, it's been a wicked time and we've loved every minute. 

Folk tell us we took to the celeb' interview thing like ducks to the water so it's good to know we satisfied our brief!  we can still hardly believe that we were booked to do this sought after job.  Little old us; just two wee lads from Glasgow!

Now that TIFF is over, it's time to rest up for a little bit!  The parties are drawing to a conclusion and the celeb's are flying off home.  TIFF this year has been bigger and better than ever before and folk are already asking how the organisers will top it for 2012.  Hopefully we'll do the same gig again as it was just astoundingly good fun.

We went to Ben Mulrooney's end of TIFF party last night at La Societee.  In attendance was a wickedly huge crowd and there was some great food and entertainment.  La Societee is up on Bloor and a great spot to people watch.  VERY glamorous!

Tonight we hope you can tune into City TV at 7.30pm.  We're on a panel show called TIFF Unzipped with Dina Pugliese from BT, Alison from Hello and Lisa from Flair.  It's an gossipy look at the whole TIFF extravaganza and an opportunity to look back at some of the red carpet highlights!

Immediately after that we're going to be getting into our pyjama's and settling back into our condo.  Yup; it's our first night in in two weeks and we're planning on doing absolutely nothing apart form lolling around and watching back to back episodes of True Blood.  Joy!  We SO need a rest!

Much love to all our friends and fans here and we hope that the rest of your weekend is fun, safe and lovely. 

Colin and Justin xx


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