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Mum Ryan

And so, smiling through the tears, we celebrate the most remarkable Mum, Mum in Law, Auntie, Granny, woman, sister, wife and friend to oh, so many. We still can't quite believe she's gone. But all, we suppose, is good: it has to be, right? Mum would expect it this way: she would wish that we all just got on with everything. In fact she would insist that life simply continued...

I just hope the crustless sandwiches, scones, Scottish 'tablet' and tea are as good up there as they are at Coul House. And the tea, God damn it, had better be served in finest bone china. Just how Mum liked it. In the air I expect there's the sweet smell of Chanel Number 5. And on Mum's face just the vaguest hint of coral lipstick to further brighten her never ending smile. In the background, across the clouds, classical music plays softly through the ether. And, for the record, it's my Dad who's pouring Mum's tea. As he prepares to sip a lil Gin and Sweet Martini from an Edinburgh Crystal short stemmed goblet. Yes, everything, as I said, is good. And, just so you know, I have that glass now. Safe. Protected. Forever.

20th December, 2018. Joyously, Justin and Colin and our entire, broader family xx


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