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Californian fires...

Today we read this story and were saddened, once again, this time for the animals who died or were injured. NOTE - if you think you might struggle with distressing pictures of injured animals, DON'T read this news story. But if you, for whatever reason, need reminded of just how AMAZING human beings are (at a time when so many of us are fighting and battling in real wars and across the press) take a moment to read this. We're almost certain we'll take a little stick for posting this news story, but we stand by our good intentions. Again - if you can assist, please donate. Please use social media to re connect lost animals with their owners... or if you could somehow take an animal in to your home, please do. Please...

We're utterly heartbroken to see these helpless creatures. The look in their eyes. We know that animals are sentient: we've loved so many over the course of our lives, and we just know. And as we look at these poor creatures, we just weep. The fear of the unknown is there to behold. But then we notice the humans. Those beautiful men and women. Caring. Repairing. Trying. Sometimes we're ashamed to say we DO need a reminder that compassion still exists across the masses. We're ashamed that we doubted. But now we know. Humans are good. 99.9% of humans are very very good...

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