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Doctor Who. WOW!

Anyway - all this to say we'd been uncommitted to the new Doctor Who, even though we're big Jodie Whittaker fans. Our issue was the scripting, environments that looked like Mad Max out takes... and the lack of Tardis. And a new version of the sonic screwdriver seemed like an over played detail...

But the episode we just watched (aside from the unusually 'pleasant' looking villain?!) changed our opinion about the new Doctor Who iteration...

To those naysayers who might suggest that a political 'statement' was unnecessary in this type of show, we'd argue that this, in fact, was a great opportunity to describe, to some of our current world, events that led to civil rights issues being so much improved. Albeit with a LONG way to go... As we see it, any environment is a good environment in which to educate.

So props to Doctor Who. For encouraging, we imagine, many people to google Rosa Parks. And to learn. For showing that all good people should be accorded EXACTLY the same rights. 'Rise Up' by Andra Day was a perfect song with which to wrap the episode. When a long running science fiction series can make two grown men weep, we know that something is right... Justin and Colin xx


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