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Someone is off the wine...

Gonna hold out for another few days we think... #control A further binge of Animal Kingdom TNT Cat on knee. Fire blazing. Wait - that last part can't be true: we don't have a fire in our condo. Never mind. A dirty great bowl of ice cream. Vanilla. Just so u know... #happy Tomorrow's a monster day (in a good way) - we get the keys to Rockcliff: the first of our two new cottage projects... And (unconnected to either of the new cottages) we'll be signing on the dotted line for a FABULOUS new project about which we'll be telling you very shortly. For now - we're sending tidings. And a wolloping great dod of Scottish luuuurve. Wherever you're reading this - stay hale and hearty, C&J
PS - we're listening to Sophi Tucker, our new obsession. Kinda like an American Lilly Allen on steroids...


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