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Woooooooosh: and we\'re back in Toronto.

In our trusty old Mini, we dashed up to Fort William for a couple of days (where I, Justin, was raised) and climbed the family tree for a little while.  It was soooooo good getting back, although it chucked it down with rain for the entire time.  Hey ho - that's the weather I grew up with so the torrential downpour came as no surprise.  On the plus side, we stayed in a nice old Scottish hotel called The Cruachan and, being that it's just a few doors down from my old family home, it felt really sentimental.  In a good way.

And now we're back in Toronto.  We flew home from home - via Dublin - with Air Transat so all good...

Let us catch our breath and we'll report more from this side of the pond,

Tidings, Colin and Justin xx


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