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Beo Center 9000

We LOVE this Danish classic - and have done, in fact, since university days. It's SOOOOO dreamy, drop drawers gorgeous. We nearly bought one last week in a specialist second hand tech' store in Toronto but hesitated, at the last minute, having decided we could better the $980 price tag. Well today, whilst visiting Bracebridge, we jumped on line to Kijiji Canada to pass time while having a coffee in Tim Hortons. And it was there we spotted EXACTLY what we were looking for. A turntable, CD player, cassette deck, radio and four speakers. BINGO! $75! Colin is currently retuning the system and bringing it diligently back to life. Mechanically it needs a few tweaks (which boy wonder can easily negotiate) but the chassis and the case are in PERFECT 'as new' condition. Happy daze! Happy nites! J&C xx


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