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Chair Affair

The hard working charity's Chair Affair Fundraiser is just a day away. Online bidding for more than 30 upcycled designer pieces is already underway, including a piece reimagined by us: a door fronted drawer stack which we featured recently on Cityline. And now YOU can own it... whilst raising money for people in your community who need a little help. 

Click on the link below to bid on our masterpiece or visit the other link to see all items being auctioned. Alternatively, buy tickets for the event where you'll enjoy fine gastronomy by Chef Michael Smith, Terence Gowan and Friends from Platinum Blonde, the Spoons and Kinky Boots. And many more... 

Please - visit to raise funds for individuals and families so they no longer have to choose between food and furniture. It's our world. We're in it together. Thank you. Colin and Justin xx…


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