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Back in Toronto

We can hardly believe we're already back in Toronto after our whirlwind Glasgow trip. Caught up with loads of peeps in the city (big sis Colette and her hubby Alan, niece in law Jenna and new baby Aaron, Alyzen, Carol, Lewis, Debs, Robyn, Archie, Sally, Jeanette and our fab neighbours Nina and Greg to name but a few) so it was a brilliant trip of lunches, dinners, parties, bars and cocktails. Making a note to selves, however - 6 days are not enough! We actually came back to Toronto a couple of days early as a fun project cropped up tomorrow with Jessica Mulroneyand Metro supermarket. We'll post that project shortly. In the meantime, we have a needy kitty, the prospect of Paper Planes tonight and, erm, some Thai take away food. We love a good nosh and we'll be sooooooooo thirsty for those cocktails. That's IF Dame Jet Lag doesn't get the better of us... Mahoooosive hugs, C&J xx


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