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Restoration Hardware - at Yorkdale Mall

Seriously - the new Restoration Hardware outlet at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto is ASTONDING.  We've been to so many of the company's branches across America but this one, their brand new flaghip in Canada, is off the charts astounding.  In a parallel universe we shall move, lock, stock and barrel into the new Restoration Hardware branch.  We'll never leave.  It's beyond gorgeous.  We may have to be removed kicking and screaming, in fact, from its style laden aisles.

The upholstery inventory is breathtaking and we swooned over many sofas, chars and beds that our clients will love. The store merchandisers have established a fantastic array of room sets and, as we walked around, it honestly felt like walking around a magnificent private home.  

Expect in excess of 70,000 square feet spread over four commodious levels, with entire floors dedicated to RH Interiors, RH Modern, and RH Outdoor. There's a Ben Soleimani rug showroom as well as loads of galleries of drapery, bedroom inspiration, lounging and bathroom cabinetry.

We  see LOTS of retail spaces across the world as our mission of decorative beautification continued apace. But seldom have we seen such immaculate merchandising or indeed such precise product grooming.  

It's an observation, we reckon, of the perfect shopping experience.  The atmosphere in that store is staggeringly on point.  The staff are polished and friendly and there's a lovely restaurant on the ground floor where we enjoyed dinner, this evening, with our good friends Catriona and Paolo, both of whom agreed it's a special place.  

To be fair we spent the entire evening at the Yorkdale operation and have to report it's DROP DRAWERS GORGEOUS. Have you chaps been? Which other RH branches have you visited?  We've long since loved the New York branch (down near the Flat Iron Building) and we can't wait for the new branch to open in The Meat Packing District.

That particular MPD outpost will also have a hotel aspect with gorgeous rooms for hire. Just another reason to visit the city that never sleeps, right? Count us in...

In the meantime - get your asses over to Yorkdale Mall and prepare for stylistic overload.  It'll blow you away... 


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