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Vina Cobos

The thrust of tonight was Malbec and, accordingly, we sampled several great varieties from 'affordable' to 'blow the budget'. Impressive stuff, at all ands - and in the middle - of the spectrum.

It's purely coincidence we're growing an awareness of matters South American, being that our first Canadian show 'Colin and Justin's Home Heist' (HGTV Canada) was recently acquired by AMC and now broadcasts across the entire area. Consequently, our mail bag features sooooo many letters from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and so on. 

Following on from our recent Abu Dhabi trip, and after our upcoming South African promo trip, we're keener than ever to mark our dance cards with South America. Watch this space! Cheers to Dean Harrison and all at Butter Pr for our inclusion in this evening's inspirational gathering...

We sampled three wines - Felino Malbec 2016 , being one.  It boasts deep red, black fruity notes with a whisper of pepper and cloves. We tasted liquorice and even rich chocolate and, due to its firm tannins, the wine enjoys a long lasting finish.  At $19.95 a bottle, it's great value. 

Wine number two - Bramare Lujan de Cuyo Malbec.  Cue deep amethyst and ruby tones.  We savoured notes of strawberry and caramel, star anise, dark chocolate, mint and even hints of rosemary.  Firm sweet overall flourish created a wonderfully long lasting finish. 

Wine number three, Bramare Touza Vineyard - another 100% Malbec, this one is robust and cheerful with a deep red colour and ancillary violet tones. We savoured rich, heady black fruit flavours with hints of tobacco and mocha, whilst delicious clove added an unexpected flavour spike.  Again - great tannins, a dramatic full and rounded taste on the palate and a rich, heady finish. $119.95 per bottle.

So which was our favourite?  Well, each wine had great body and flavour density.  Number one would be a great 'at home' pouring wine whilst number three would be a wine with which we'd celebrate.  But number two - Bramare Lujan de Cuyo, at $44.95 - was astoundingly good value:  with a manageable price point and outstandingly rounded flavour, it takes our nomination.

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