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From the desert to Dysart.

Today the roof of our new carport is being shingled (we'll post pics post completion) and we're matching paint colours for the sections being painted grey to match the main house. 

Gosh, it's hard to believe that, just a few short days ago, we were running across the baking Arabian sand, with temperatures approaching forty degrees. Today it's TEN degrees, and our next task is to take our boat out of the lake pre winter hibernation. 

While we're enjoying the cool air in Ontario.., not gonna lie: we're missing the beautiful sun in Abu Dhabi! No grumbles, though, it's all good.  #gratitude#happyclimes #colinandjustin #nextstopBC #thereafterscotland#thensouthafricaforwerkwerkwerk

Sending each one of you beauties a hale and hearty Hali hug, C&J xx


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