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Blue Blood at Casaloma in Toronto

So last night we went to Symphony in the Gardens at Casaloma for an amazing evening of entertainment, with a surprise visit by The Tenors. The weather played ball and a couple of thousand guests listened in wonder as the music played...

Anyway, between acts, we were given a tour of the soon to open  BlueBlood Steakhouse designed by Nick's wife Nadia... and it's fair to say it blew us away. The kind of environment in which Fielding's Tom Jones would feel every bit as comfortable as his modern day namesake, it's Bacchanalian to the power of ten. Part hunting lodge, part epic Scottish/Canadian castle, part Peter Greenaway (The Cook, The Thief) we can just imagine the feasting that will take place.....

We took loads of behind the scenes pics but shan't post them here as we don't want to derail the element of surprise. That said, what we CAN post are the pic's that Liberty have already posted via their own social media platforms. It's super sexy, huh? Just WAIT till you see the rest.

We love steak houses and are certain Blue Blood will elevate that genre to heady new heights. The city SO needs this restaurant. The city, we hope, will LOVE this restaurant. In association with Toronto's preservation and heritage departments, Nadia has sympathetically respected the castle's architecture whilst suffusing her design with a clutch of exciting elements. 

We're utterly certain this new eatery will capture the gastronomic and design fraternity in Toronto. It was exhilarating to simply walk through the empty space, and we can only imagine how it's all going to feel when diners are added. We're SO excited. A huge nod of congratulation to Nick and Nadia Di Donato of Liberty Group, to Holly Stewart and to all those involved in this grand, pending epicurean and beautifully designed spectacle. C&J xx


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