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Harry Styles doing Carpool Karaoke

A lil' feel good moment. First up - oh how he proved his critics wrong as he birthed his talk show in America. James, we salute you. And this clip with Harry Styles as part of Carpool Karaoke is sublime! 

Whatever you thought of One Direction (not particularly our thang but we LOVED their success and thrilled in watching the hard working boys ascend) it's hard not to appreciate Harry Styles. His new album is REALLY good and the current single a mix of Bowie, Oasis, Elton John and Cold Play (*out on a limb saying all this - us? Much? Let the detractors spout) and yes, he wrote the track, substantially by himself . 

Just wait for Dunkirk. Just wait for the Mick Jagger biopic (surely that's a dead cert?) and just wait for further galactic domination. Kid's got talent, there's no doubt. And, lol, doesn't James C look like a proud dad?


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