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MEIOMI Pinot Noir

As two boys who've spent as long as we care to remember lost to the fuller flavours of Burgundy, Merlot and Cab' Sauvignon, we took a little convincing, having previously found Pinot Noir to be a little 'thin' for our palettes. But after the first glass of Californian Meiomi we were converts. Sure, Pinot Noir, traditionally, has a lighter complexion and taste, but the good ones aren't 'thin'. They're complex, fruity and actually have a wide ranging nose. They're simply different. We're not leaving the Cab Sauv shuttle just yet... but we're certainly on a taste diversion as far as reds are concerned. How about you lovelies? Red wine or white? And which variants? New world? French? Italian? On which shuttle do you prefer travelling?


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