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Swimming with the denizens of the deep!

By coincidence, our great pal Janette Ewen, stylist extraordinaire and global traveller, was in Cayman at the same time as we were. So we went off to Sting Ray City together where we literally swam with the Rays.  Now, while that might sound dangerous, these wonderful creatures are amazingly friendly and swim amongst the throngs of tourists without any problems whatsoever.  They literally glide up and around swimmers. What's more, being that Sting Ray City 'takes place' on the sandbanks, we were all able to stand up in the water.  We'll be showcasing more of this aspect of our trip in a future blog (when we get the photos) so stay tuned!   If you chaps and chapesses are planning a trip somewhere in the near future, we'd STRONGLY recommend choosing Grand Cayman.  It's just amazing!


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