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Heading back to the lake in the next couple of days. Got renters due at Plan B so that means we got a whole load of prepping to work through. But we are gonna have a few days relaxation into the bargain. Prolly stay for New Year too.

We'll be glad - if we're entirely honest - to give 2016 the boot in the balls it deserves. It wasn't universally bad - but, all things considered, we (and you) experienced some tough times. And so many lost souls. So, we'll be glad to welcome what we hope will be better times ahead. We all gotta stay bright, huh? And just get on with it. Let's stay focused together. Let's hold hands (literally, where we can) and emotionally whenever distance makes it hard. And let's get through. Here's to better times ahead for everyone. May your troubles be somehow eased by the knowledge we're in this world together. Peace, love and hair grease. Colin and Justin xx


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