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We met the lads from The Wanted a few years back at a Sunday Mail event in Scotland and they were super nice. All of them. Shame they split and stuff...

That said, you'll probably detect what sounds a wee bit like auto tune (erm, what's the prob with that?) so we went down the rabbit hole to see if we could find him singing the track live - which we did: at Macy's in New York. And we learnt that his voice is genuinely stelar. 

We remember what it was like when they split and we remember that some writers/commentators were pretty mean... as was social media. It must have been pretty tough to get such widespread stick and have people laugh that their career just seemed to have stopped dead in its tracks. Imagine if we all laughed when the local post person lost their job? Or when a new store went out of business? Or when a plumber became suddenly unemployed? Or a doctor was struck off for no good reason? Well the talented Nathan is perhaps having the last laugh now. Though from what we remember: he wasn't that type of guy. Just a dude, you know, trying to get by and carve a career in the music industry. Well done Nathan. This song gives us the same (good) shivers as R Kelly's 'Flying Without Wings'...


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