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LUZIA by Cirque du Soleil - we attended the final evening show, last night.

To say we were blown away is, perhaps, one of the biggest understatements we'll ever make. The show was a dazzling mix of break neck choreography, insane water falls, old school 'strong men', 'impossible' balancing acts and incredible shows of human endurance. 

We've seen many Cirque shows (our favourites in the early years) but this one truly is a return to form. It's also a salient reminder why we should never EVER pay to see animals in any form of circus anywhere. Cirque De Soleil is a wild exploration of consenting adults pushing boundaries of THEIR OWN choice for consensual entertainment. That's what makes it so fuc*ing amazing. 

We, like many people of our generation, went to big top circuses as kids... but we both remember thinking the animals must surely have been there against their will. As adults, looking back, we know they almost certainly were. We will never, under any circumstances, pay to see a trained animal as entertainment. Especially being that Cirque De Soleil produce such world class entertainment (without animals) that sees wildly talented women and men working in perfect physical harmony. Carefully and exactingly. Around each other. For each other. And for folk like us - the entertainment hungry audiences - who lap this up...


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