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London, innit!?


We've been back in the UK for a break and, after a wee sojourn in Scotland, we're now down in London.  We'd previously rented out our wee pied a terre in the city and, now that our lovely guest has gone back to Oman (after 3 years) we've taken the little nest back. The timing is especially good for us as we're down in London to catch up with friends and we've got a few meetings planned to look at what we'll do for our next British TV show. With our schedules as packed as they have been these last few years we've been unable to commit to filming a new show for the UK (Canada and Australia consume lots of our time) but with a window of opportunity in 2017 we've decided the time is right to create an exciting new series for Britain. Yup - we're plotting and planning as we speak and have already had some fun meetings to work our what we'll be doing.  We've found a way to make our timings work between ongoing commitments in North America so now we can make it work in blighty too.  Watch this space!    More details to follow!



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