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A sad though happy story. This is a little rotisserie near our first London flat. It holds a special place in our hearts.

Thereafter, each time we were in, she'd package up chicken scraps for Felix, carefully ensuring there were no tiny bones. One night we showed her a picture of Felix and she welled up. She'd often talked of her late family cat, but she'd no idea he and Felix were so alike. Thereafter we hadn't cause to visit the restaurant for a while as we'd by this time wrapped MPPE and started shooting a new show in Scotland. 

Sadly, our boy Felix passed when back up North: lost - like so many elderly cats - to renal failure. When we next visited London, 6 months later, we decided we'd venture back to the rotisserie to see the lovely girl who'd always made such a fuss of us and Felix. As we entered, we could see she wasn't on table duty and was working at the take away counter. She waved over and we waved back. 

Eventually, as we were settling our bill, she dashed over, clutching a plastic bag of what we could clearly see were chicken scraps. Our faces must have dropped. She froze and burst out crying. It was as if she knew. We told her what had happened and said we'd NEVER have another cat. It would just be too hard. She said she was sure that, one day, when the time was right, we would. And she gave us both a huge hug. 

Many long, catless years passed. But as you know we recently got Beamer. And feline joy once again entered our lives. So today, years since our last visit, we visited the restaurant to tell her. But we were told she'd long since left for a job elsewhere - though they didn't know where. If YOU by any chance know Katie, PLEASE tell her we came to see her. And please tell her of Beamer. And tell her we hope that she too has another cat. Because when the time is right, it just happens. Cats have a way.... X


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