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LOVING being home in Glasgow!

Arrived back in blighty yesterday and slept most of the day. Even though it's only a 5 hour time difference, the Canada to Glasgow puddle jump is pretty hard going.  Guess we should be used to it by now (we do the trip pretty much every month) but it always takes its toll.  That said, we've had a JUMBO sleep - 14 hours - and we're beginning to feel awake.  We're home for twelve days (a few in Glasvegas, a few up North with family and a few in London) so we're looking forward to good times.  Already missing our gorgeous cat Beamer - but he's in safe hands with Meesh, our Paw Shake cat sitter.  Anyway - just wanted to check in with you guys.  We'll post more updates presently.  Huge hugs from your wee designer scamps, C&J xx


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