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The Beamer countdown starts here!

We pretty much think of ourselves as cat experts/cat whisperers. We had two lovely big toms called Felix and Winston (who're now wearing their wee feline angel wings) for the best part of 20 years and they were a great addition to our then lives in Britain. And we rarely had a day of bother. But we're not shy to learn more. So - as Tuesday approaches (the day we get Beameer permanently) we've been doing a wee internet swoop to tune up our knowledge set. WTF? Give cats Valium to calm them down? Tear their claws off to avoid scratching? Rub their faces in their own doings if they miss the tray? Trim their WHISKERS to provide a neater look? WT-actual-F? We shall CATEGORICALLY be doing NONE of these things. We'll be building a natural bond with Beamer and, if he misses the tray, we'll clean it up and encourage him to be more careful the next time by keeping a stealthy eye on him. His claws shall remain (we'll get him a scratch tree) and we'll be as good to him as we're sure he will be to us. Please and thank you. FFS!!! And you know we're mad when we use more than one exclamation mark...


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