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Happy Birthday to the beautiful and certainly iconic CN Tower. 40 years old today!

Research tells us many Canadians were somewhat unsure about this tower when it was initially planned. But now it's up there, proudly piercing the Toronto sky, it appears to have won everyone over. Are we correct? We certainly love it. And it so perfectly dominates the view from Ryan McAllister Towers. It's seen here in reflection on our living room windows. With a bottle of Veuve to celebrate. As our sweet wee Scottish granny often says: "A day without champagne is like a day without sunshine". And as her arch nemesis Granny Gobble still says: "Champagne for my real friends... real pain for my sham friends..." Granny Gobble is a handful, let us tell you. And to this day she still terrorises her maximum security twilight home. Particularly some of the old boys when she breaks free of her constraining binds. With her teeth out...


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