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TORONTO calling!

It's GREAT being back in Toronto.  Our new shows kick off soon, so we've come back to Canada on a full promo tour.  Our first show to launch is called 'Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure' and it airs on Cottage Life - the network, incidentally, is in free preview so check us out.  It airs from Sunday 20th March at 9pm. The premise?  We bought a run down fixer upper cottage in Halliburton (on Drag Lake) and turned chicken shiiiiiiiit into chicken salaaaaad.  It's a HUGE  transformation - probably our biggest renovation (on or off screen) to date.  Our other show is called Game of Homes and it's on The W Network.  That show sees four couples renovating four bungalows - we're the 'tough love' judges... and our winning couple WINS the house! Look out for host Dave Salmoni - he's a joy.  An utter joy.  


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