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Heston Blumenthal - Dinner

Right down on The Yarra, in The Crowne complex, lie loads of amazing eateries - but one, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, is one the best eateries we've been to in Melbourne.  We actually hooked up with our old pal Monica Brown (ex of Glasgow) who now works closely with Heston in PR and marketing and she joined us for the Bacchanalian feast.  The restaurant is gorgeously moody and atmospheric and the waiting staff are amongst the most professional we've found anywhere. Amazing wines, brilliant cuts of beef and a wildly curious thing called 'Meat Fruit'.  Essentially a ball of delicious chicken liver pate wrapped in an orange jelly skin (to look like a tangerine) it blew our mind. Served with butter soaked brown bread tranches it has to be one of the most exciting things we've eaten.  All about confusing the eyes and the palette - really clever.  If you're over this way - book a table.  Or at least try and book a table - it's a very popular destination...


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