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You\'d tell us the truth, wouldn\'t you? That\'s why we adore our super engaged, super interactive and super friendly social media army. You don\'t blow smoke up our asses and you always tell it like it is. We ADORE this honest dialogue. Please and thank

We've no idea of its pedigree, but reckon it's from the 1970's. It's 100% wool (we think) and a walloping great 5 feet long and nearly 4 feet wide... when, erm, 'splayed'. 

We've loved macramé for some time and it appears this wall hanging is part of that glorious family genus. This kind of stuff is huge in LA and Florida and we're just, well, smitten. We're gonna have it dry cleaned and restored and then we're gonna fashion a six feet tall Lucite fronted shadow box, and then we're gonna (is that the THIRD time we've said 'gonna'?) hang it, God damn it, at PLAN B, the cottage that features on this season of Colin & Justin's Cabin Pressure on Cottage Life

It's got a certain retro charm - as we see it certainly - that speaks to cabins of another era. 

So as we were saying? The truth: d'you lovelies like it? C&J xx


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