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We are categorically keeping Grey Gardens as our own wee lakeside retreat. But 'Plan B' will be the subject of 'Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure' Season 3 on Cottage Life. The network where the weekend never ends. It's once again in Haliburton and once again on our beloved Drag Lake. 

When you watch the show you'll see why we've called it 'Plan B'.  This cottage, whist also owned by us, is potentially for those who fancy a wee lakeside escape. Yup - we're creating what we think will be the perfect rental retreat. For anyone who doesn't have a cottage - this one is for the wider ether. As a rental prospect it's going to land on the books of a cottage retreat agency...

Back story? We looked at dozens of cabins with our realtor but found nothing we liked enough to buy. And then, out of nowhere, a friend of a friend called to say there was an 'off market deal' if we were interested. So off we trotted to view - and we were immediately smitten. The seller strictly wanted a private deal, so in we went. 

You'll notice a couple of glasses of bubbly at the front of our 'new' Viceroy - we're celebrating, but we're also bracing ourselves for our first night in there. Yup, Plan B, just like EVERY house we've ever owned, will be occupied by us TONIGHT - the same day we took possession. It's a ritual / habit we've enjoyed (endured?) across perhaps 20 properties. So wish us luck as we settle in with the scuttling critters. Sleeping bags - and wine - at the ready. Here we go! Huge Scottish tidings and lakeside blessings from Plan B! Colin and Justin xx


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