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The Wassily Chair. Designed in 1925 by Marcel Breuer, a (then) Bauhaus apprentice.

There are reasons why certain design 'icon' pieces never go away and, while some commentators consider pieces such as this old news, they can (the chairs, not the commentators) be wonderfully relevant in the right application. We've been using this chair in client projects for 25 years and, next week, will be installing 18 of them in a Toronto private members club. We'll post pictures when we complete the project. We've created Venetian polished plaster walls (with brown and black pigment) ebony herringbone flooring and black leather taped jute rugs. Metal window frames have been recoloured deepest jet. It's a moody, atmospheric place by night, but one which enjoys heaps of light by day courtesy of a 12 feet wide baguette shaped cupola. To work with a space such as this is a joy: inherent features simply enhance and amplify our vision. It's going to look gorgeous. Pictures to follow and, we dare say, a little TV 'reveal' at some point further down the line...


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