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Hello designistas! It\'s before and after time. You KNOW we loves us a spot of dramatic before and after alchemy...




Ideas to steal? Where do we start? Dispose of (whether to charity, car boot sale or dumpster) that which you no longer need. Bear in mind we use 20% ofour stuff 80% of the time. Do the maths. We created storage nooks around the multi roomed project in which to secrete the stuff that remained. And a big closet (just off camera) for clothes and associated parephenalia. 

Colour? Oftentimes one slab wall is all you need; what's more this logic provides for easy 'seasonal adjustment' further down the line. 

Problem solving - the open doors (to a common area) were 'minimized' with a wall of black out (and sound dampening) curtaining. 

Grey scale schematics (floor, bedding etc) are always 'on trend' and easy to accessorize across the annual calendar. 

We have perhaps a thousand and a half room makeovers to show you from our projects in Canada, America, Great Britain, France, Spain and Australia. Be patient. We'll get through them all eventually!


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