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Todays up cycle project? Here goes...

The wood tone edging is a perfect kick-off point for self-adhesive sections from Panyl ( These guys purvey a range of peel and stick finishes in a host of colours, many of which are specifically sized to fit Ikea products. It really couldn’t be any easier.

We opted for a mix of wood-effect finishes and, to create extra dimension, added slick D handles in a brushed steel finish. And hey: 'Maximum return for MINIMAL effort!'

As Cher might say, lol: 'Follow THAT bitches!' Seriously - we'd LOVE to see your projects. DIY is fun, right? Decorating is a pleasure. And up cycling is a JOY! Let's share ideas so everyone can be inspired to make the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY!

Hugs, Colin and Justin, Tri Continental Style Warriors. Soon to be QUAD Continental Style Warriors. Hmmmmmm? Did we say QUAD? Watch this space! xx


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