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Pretty, springy wallpaper and hand painted furniture in a jaunty tone.

This is how we like to up cycle. Aye, that budget pine second hand bedroom set - that skinned us $400 - has been thoroughly reborn... 

Top quality genus like oak or mahogany often speak for themselves, providing textural and visual return wherever placed. But we aren’t slaves to wood. We love painted furniture and see no reason why a nice bit of tree can’t be further embellished with solid colour via paint brush or even spray can. 

Sure, we’re as unlikely as the next designer to recolour top-grade genus, but when faced with the war against naughty (yes, okay, knotty) pine we often go into battle. Poor pine. It can be so misunderstood...

And BTW that AWESOME mirror was from HomeSense A spot of antique gold will add zest to almost ANY scheme...


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