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#throwbackthursday design...

But the transformation, nonetheless, for a client with an affection for this colour scale, shows what can be achieved on moderated spend. We 'corrected' the room with a mahoooooosive clear out and then neutralized everything with a softest bone tone by Benjamin Moore. A wood floor proffered 'easy care' whilst 1"x1" timber struts (painted white) decorate the accent wall with an area left unadorned as a fireplace 'chimney breast'. Picking up our timber strutted detail, we created a 'grill' to secure the previously dangerous open staircase. Braced - at various points - for security, the semi open nature affords an eye line to the kitchen that lies beyond. A button tufted custom chesterfield and slipper chairs add comfort and make the space an inviting area to relax. Blimey - a load of work, but mainly manual and decorative, rather than financially indulgent. Cheers team, C&J xx


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