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ABRACADABRA! This is a guest bedroom which we lovingly created on Season 1 of Cabin Pressure.

We mixed Mid Mod lines with heaps of ruby tones and, just for good measure, a touch of Steam Punk. We added in layers of Luxe Lodge and seasoned it all with more wood than the local forest. Yup: this season is LOTS of fun. With a SMALLER budget but a BIGGER reno'. Think heavy machinery, house jacking and up cycling like never before. A headboard made from a derelict floating dock? Tick. Tables and occasional dressing salvaged from The Haliburton Thrift Store? Tick. Consoles made from office tables and scaffolding planks? A fire pit made from a concrete drain which we pulled from the lake? And enough eBay and Kijiji finds to keep your more than inspired. Action starts at 9pm on Sunday the 22nd March on Cottage Life  And even better - the network is in FREE preview from March 16th. Check listings and check us out!


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