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Mouse Trap...

Okay. So we've been researching various ways to rid our cottage of mouse invasion. First things first - these critters are NOT cute. They deliver disease and dot their dirty, filthy anal deposits all over the place. And it's driving us insane. We have tried humane traps and all manner of rodent removal... but to no avail. They seem too smart…
To this end, we have been researching the pop can, pierced at either end, smeared with peanut butter, and held in place (on a cane) over a bucket method. Some commentators deploy this trapping device using an empty bucket, thereafter releasing the menacing mice outside. Others half fill the bucket with water to dispatch the mice to a watery grave. Some folk use anti freeze at the bottom of the perilous pale to consign the rodents (eminently faster than water) from this mortal coil.
Hmm. Research tells us that mice trapped and sent outdoors in this icy climate will probably die of shock. SO. Seriously – as animal lovers what do we do? Is it survival of the fittest? Does man trump mouse? Do we leave Mickey and his marauding pals to run amok chez nous?
We’d genuinely like to know your thoughts. Seriously – drop us a note and help us make the best decision?


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