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To our wondrous production and contracting teams on Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure - we'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you. Marshall Jay Kaplan - you directed and held together a merry team and kept us all on track. Blessings - seriously: OMG, you kept the fun factor at fever pitch when things got crazy. And you helped showcase our enormous ambition (and believed in us) when many friends said we should have bought ANY cottage other than the one we did. The same one that has now risen, phoenix like, at the lake's edge. The very cabin we have just named Grey Gardens.

And of course to Randy Blain, our awesome contractor. You faultlessly followed our guide and saved one of Canada's most desperate cottages. You and your team are contracting saints. Your lovely, awesome, hard working and crazy boys are now the stuff of legend in our books. And when this show airs viewers will be stunned at how hard you worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

To Jen', Laura, Jean, Sylvie, Craig, Justin E, Matt and Dan - thank you, to the power of ten. You have been an utter blast. This has been, perhaps, our favourite show ever in any country or, for that matter, on any continent. Tears as we wrapped (our own and from some of you) were cathartic - we've grown so close in such a short space of time that it was inevitable: but they released a lot of pressure. A lot of Cabin Pressure. We have loved EVERY minute. Not even the driving rain or thick relentless snow could dampen our - and your - ardour as filming endured. It's been a blast. Thank you Team Cabin Pressure! Without you all, this would have been so much less... Colin and Justin xx


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