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Cottage extension happening!

Through rain, sleet and a little snow, yesterday 'happened'. Our loyal team excelled on the main cottage and our Canada Builds bunkie boys created further wonder. And then the Discovery Dream Homes crew arrived on set. And our EXTENSION started. This is getting SO BONKERS. One of our most ambitious projects ever in Canada! @cottagelife ‪#‎cabinpressure‬ Later today the Sunspace windows and bug screens will go in. No full 'spoiler' shots for now - we have to keep the main reveals for broadcast - but OMFG!!! This formerly forlorn little house has been saved from demolition. ‪#‎wehavethebestteamintv‬ Together, we've kicked this previously slanty shanty in its decrepit, dilapidated, saggy butt! From chicken poo to chicken pie and from chicken shit to dreamy chicken salaaaaaaad! Way to go Cabin Pressure Teams. Without you all, and your unbridled dedication, our journey would be so much less fun. THANK YOU!!


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