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Tiff 2014

So we told Mr Gyllenhall we had a kitten named after him; Jake. And that he sits on Colin's chest and licks his face. He took it in, er, good humour. VERY cool guy. And we whispered to Rene Russo that it was amazing she looked as good as she does beyond 40. 1940... She seemed to enjoy the Glasgow banter and told us never to succumb to surgery, advising nothing apart from lasers... Next up, we showed Tom Hardy a pic of the three of us together at The Cartier Polo Tournament in Windsor from a few years back, adding that this was effectively 'our second date'. He seemed almost thrown. But he smiled, nevertheless, and prepared for our next question...
All the fun and frolics at Tiff 2014 with Entertainment City ‪#‎EntCity‬ Check the 11pm bulletin on City TV for TIFF updates, carpet chat and more. FABULOUS fun!!!


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