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Health purge!

We're juicing (as it were) to a band playing. Just wish we had our super fab' Hamilton Beach machine (it's awesome and came on recommendation of you lot when we asked for tips some time ago; thank you for your wise advice) in Glasgow rather than our ancient crappy 'juicer' that strains and gurgles on every bit of veg' that comes anywhere near. Note to selves; track down an HB juicer in Glasvegas. Anyway, going forward, booze is out (hmm; we'll see how long that lasts) and we're eating extra sensibly. This pic was today, pre run... through the hellish, dreich calamitous downpour that was Glasgow this afternoon. As we've often said - Glasgow would be a PERFECT city... if we could just build a lid over the top of it... 
As you were. C&J xx


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